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Apartma Na Krki

   Kostanjevica na Krki   

Kostanjevica na Krki
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In the centre of the ancient Slovenian town Kostanjevica na Krki you will find two modern apartments that will serve you as a starting point on your exploration of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Apartma na Krki offers two apartment units designed for travelers , seeking elegance and both comfortable and intimate accommodation. Kostanjevica features a variety of art forms from Slovenian as well as international artists who found inspiration in the hidden corners of the town. You will be enchanted by an ancient woodland Krakovski gozd, while colorful sunsets, mirrored in the river, will show you the essence of splendor. Rent an old age bicycle to take you to your favorite spot in the surroundings to relax or read a book, while you may be able to meet the locals and join them over a glass of homegrown wine.



Choose an Apartment for two, whose design will create a "home away from home" atmosphere for you, or an Apartment for three people, which calls out for pampering.

Don't know which one yet? Click below to see for yourself.



Organic cleaning products and hotel standard

Biological hotel standard and cleaning products that are kind to you and the environment.

Free Wi-Fi

Fast and secure access to the web.

Green garden with the grill


Behind the apartments there is a garden that invites you to rest and enjoy. You can also have fun with grilling, which is available to visitors.

Free parking

Behind the apartments there is a free parking lot.

TV with Netflix


In the evenings, you can treat yourself with Netflix on the big TV screen.

Bicycle rental

Explore the slopes of the Kostanjevica hills and the town on a vintage bicycle.





Wine tours


Explore the nearby wine hills, try local Cviček wine and get to know the hospitality of the locals.

Božidar Jakac Art Museum


Božidar Jakac Art Museum is one of the largest in Slovenia due to the size of its exhibiting area, presented material and fine art collection.

Charterhouse of Pleterje


The Charterhouse of Pleterje is a catholic monastery in which monks follow Christ in an exclusively contemplative life..

Kostanjevica cave


Visit the Kostanjevica cave and explore the underground world

Golf Grad Otočec


The 18-hole Golf Grad Otočec golf Course is located in a beautiful natural environment, in one of the most unspoilt parts of Slovenia and Europe, along the Krka River.

Hosta Stud Farm

The Hosta stud farm and riding school is one of the largest private Lipizzaner farms in Slovenia and in Europe.


The rugged terrain of the Gorjanci offers cycling routes of varying difficulty, vineyards, hills, wooden bridges - all this awaits you in Kostanjevica. See the cycling routes at the link.


Gorjanci are intertwined with countless paths that invite you to discover them. See the hiking trails on the following link.

Water adventures

The Krka River offers countless water experiences - boating, snorkeling or just swimming. More at the link.


"Excellent accommodation, in the heart of an island on the Krk, beautiful surroundings, free bicycles, peace."

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