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  • A spring experience in the primeval forest

    In early spring, the large spring bellflower (Leucojum vernum) adorns Krakovski gozd, the largest lowland forest in Slovenia. Krakovski gozd is known for its diverse flora and fauna, including several rare and endangered species.If you are a nature lover, Krakovski gozd will awaken in you the spirit of exploration, and if you are a romantic, the feeling of something magical, dreamy and at times even scary. I recommend that you visit one of the rarely preserved lowland forests in Europe in an organized group. A guided tour of Krakovski gozd is organized every year in the month of April and is organized by the Institute of Forests and the Municipality of Kostanjevica na Krka. For information, call the Tourist Information Center in Kostanjevica na Krka. Just 10 minutes from the starting point, I invite you to the Apartment on Krka, where you can enjoy a peaceful sleep or rest, quick reservation. Welcome. Ž. Š.

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